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 Where ART meets PLAY!
Creative & Engaging Art Classes for Kids

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At Creation Station we are not just doing arts and crafts. Sure we make pretty things and the kids are entertained. However, we are also crafting confidence and courage. We are encouraging them to be brave and to show up. To showcase something they have made with their own hands. We are challenging them to take one step outside of their box and yet still be safe. Because in art they are safe. Safe to explore, try, and even make mistakes. Our desire is that each child feels a little freer and a little more like themselves afterwards.

Creation Station is a creative art program created for our children to engage in experiences that inspire imagination, spark curiosity, celebrate play, and promote art exploration. We provide classes, camps, workshops, and mobile parties for kids, teens and adults too! 




Little Makers Ages 3-5

Little Makers meets an hour each week for hands-on explorations of process art and sensory play.  Each week we will be inspired by a favorite picture book, artist or theme as we create art together and participate in art and play stations. This class focuses on basic skill-building and the experience of making art, NOT the finished product. We ask that you embrace that as your children observe, learn, experiment, explore and get messy throughout this class series. THIS IS A DROP OFF CLASS.  

THURSDAYS 3:30-4:30

Slice of Art Ages 6-10

Slice of Art meets an hour each week for hands-on explorations of process art, tinkering and technique. Elementary kids will have the opportunity to work with a variety of art mediums including but not limited to painting, drawing, sculpture, collaging, printmaking, doughs, and clays. This class is designed to allow children the freedom to create and use their imaginations while learning basic skills and learning new terms and techniques. Make this class part of your weekly routine that your children will look forward to. THIS IS A DROP OFF CLASS. 


THURSDAY 4:45-5:45


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