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Mobile Art Parties! We bring the party to you! Contact us to book your next event! 




Sensory Play Party 

This party is perfect for the little ones. It includes 2 sensory play stations. Stations may include water bin, slime explorations, playdoh, potion making and more! One process art activity. In addition each guest creates one craft to take home. (pick from our craft list below) 

  • $450 for up to 12 kids 

  • $20 each additional child

  • 75 minutes


Arts and Crafts Party 

Children can make their own take-home party favors using their imagination and creativity while working with numerous craft materials. 


  • $450 for up to 12 kids 

  • $20 each additional child

  • 75 minutes

  • 2 crafts per child (pick from our craft list below) 


Canvas Painting Party

It’s time for your kids to channel their inner artist and create their own unique masterpiece with our canvas painting party. Ask us about our different canvas party ideas. This is a guided painting art class. Images can be pre-drawn to facilitate the painting process. 


  • $400 for up to 12 kids 

  • $20 each additional child

  • 75 minutes

  • 1 painted canvas 


Craft list Each child receives a canvas to paint and decorate as they choose. Choose one additional item for the group to Paint and decorate. 

  • Treasure box

  • Trinket box

  • Bird house

  • Tote bag

  • Initial letter

  • Foam crown

  • Small wood car

  • Small ceramic banks (approx 4-5 inches piggy, robot, shark, teddy bear, bunny, superhero, castle, turtle. Based on availability.) 

And much more. We can customize crafts and projects according to your theme!


Adult Art Party


Who said arts and crafts are just for kids? Let us help you plan a creative event perfect for you. Our parties are perfect for birthdays, holiday events, corporate team building, family reunions, showers, fundraisers and much more. 

Prices start at $35 per person

All parties can be completely customized. Contact us for more details.